What is CDM?

Crypto De Meta is a blockchain structure that is based around metaverse games . It provides a fully transparent and a safe use to its users. Moreover, the users keep earning as long as they keep playi

Metaverse Roadmap Introduction

The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived, Crypto De Meta (CDM) is now launching! The project is a company project developed and funded by Aegirsoft Software Solutions. Our site and smart contract have been made, our contract address will be updated on bsscan soon.
Our project will be listed on pancakeswap and a few big exchanges that we do not want to name at the moment, our chance to do these is completely due to the fact that we are a company project, companies such as pinksale and github are partners to our project, don't forget that!
It's finally time to get your very own CDM Character as a custom playable Metaverse Avatar. CDM was released in partnership with Aegirsoft Software Solutions and integration into the CDM game as playable avatars is currently in development. You can now rent, stake or lease nft within the metaverse. All nft functions are available on our site on the documents page.
Together with our official sponsor, pinksale, we have KYC and AUDIT verification and we intend to increase the confidence level of you, our valued investors! Fasten your belts.